Videojet® 7340 /7440 Fiber Laser Marking Machines

Evolved to fit the most restrictive spaces.

Developed to meet the needs of manufacturers who work within small spaces, the Videojet 7340 and 7440 fiber lasers feature the Lightfoot marking head, the most compact fiber laser marking head on the market.

Achieve easy integration and greater versatility in tight spaces with a fiber laser marking head that weighs less than 1kg / 2.2 lbs – the smallest and lightest fiber laser head on the market. Compact in size, the 7340 and 7440 fiber laser marking head can be easily integrated into production lines or complex machinery, allowing for an increased range of laser installation opportunities.

Benefit from a versatile fiber laser solution that is fast to set up, with virtually no consumables. Reduced mounting bracketry offers easy adjustment of the fiber laser marking head, aiding faster set-up and repositioning of the laser head.

Featuring a pilot beam-based focal alignment installation process, the 7340 and 7440 offer easier, faster and more precise installation. Control the 7340 and 7440 fiber lasers through a range of familiar, easy-to-use Videojet interfaces, ensuring seamless operation within your production line.

Videojet Touch Control Software (TCS+) offers remote control through either the 10” tablet-like touchscreen or from compatible browser-based devices. The advanced Videojet CLARiTY™ laser controller is an alternative user interface, featuring an intuitive touchscreen that will be familiar to users of other Videojet marking and coding solutions.

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Videojet® 7340 /7440 Fiber Laser Marking Machines


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Laser TubeSolid State FiberSolid State Fiber
Maximum Power20W30W
Laser CoolingFanFan
Maximum Line Speed900 m/min (2,940 ft/min)900 m/min (2,940 ft/min)
Environmental ProtectionIP21, IP69 (laser head)IP21, IP69 (laser head)
Beam OutputSteered BeamSteered Beam
Laser Wavelength1.04 – 1.09μm1.04 – 1.09μm
Focal Distance Options72 – 188 mm (2.83 – 7.4 in)72 – 188 mm (2.83 – 7.4 in)
Maximum Mark Window126.3 x 64.46 mm (4.97 x 2.53 in)126.3 x 64.46 mm (4.97 x 2.53 in)
Standard I/O ConnectivityProduct Detect, Line Encoder, Fume ExtractionProduct Detect, Line Encoder, Fume Extraction
Optional User IntefaceTCS+, CLARiTY™ Laser Controller, Smart GraphTCS+, CLARiTY™ Laser Controller, Smart Graph
Plant Air UsedNoNo
Certifications/ApprovalsEtherNetIP DOC, ProfiNet/PNO certificate, CEEtherNetIP DOC, ProfiNet/PNO certificate, CE


Uptime Advantage

  • Achieve simple integration, reduced installation costs, and an increased freedom of positioning with an industry-first, compact fiber laser marking head
  • Simplify laser head adjustment and positioning with reduced laser head mounting bracketry
  • Easily migrate to a laser marking solution, with the added benefit of reduced consumables
  • Reduce the need for additional housing or equipment with a water and dust tight IP69 laser marking head, facilitating worry-free usage in washdown and harsh environments

Code Assurance

  • Control the laser through a range of familiar, easy-to-use Videojet user interfaces, reducing operator training needs and the risk of product rework and recalls
  • Benefit from simple operation, message creation, and reduced operator errors with the Videojet Touch Control Software (TCS+) or the Videojet CLARiTY™ laser controller

Built-in Productivity

  • Mark up to 2,000 characters per second
  • Get closer to the product with the smallest fiber laser marking head on the market
  • Benefit from easier, faster and precise focal distance during line or product changeover with pilot beam-based focal alignment installation process

Simple Usability

  • Achieve easy set-up and fast product changeovers with the integrated pilot beam focus finder that can reflect the code and actual size of the marking field
  • Benefit from easy serviceability with the ability to quickly remove or replace the fiber laser unit either on the production line or within complex machinery
  • Focus more on production and less on user interaction and maintenance with an easy-to-use laser solution that is intuitive to the operator without the need for additional training




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Videojet 7330 Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Videojet 7340 Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Videojet 7440 Fiber Laser Marking Machine
DescriptionThe Videojet 7230 (10-Watt) and 7330 (20-Watt) fiber lasers are a light, compact and agile solution, designed to deliver high-quality, permanent codes for a wide range of marking applications.The Videojet 7340 (20-Watt) and 7440 (30-Watt) fiber lasers are the first to feature the LightfootTM marking head, making them easy to integrate, operate and service.
Shared specs– Most commonly used for marking metals and well suited for aluminum cans, cable and wire, polypropylene extrusions, bottles and other containers, blister pack, and aseptic packaging. Not recommended for transparent packaging as the light will pass through without marking.
– Fan cooled
Max line speed900 m/min (2,940 ft/min)
Max power10-watt20-watt30-watt
Wavelength options1.055 – 1.075μm1.04 – 1.09μm
Max mark window498.5 x 361.5 mm2 (19.62 x 14.23 in)126.3 x 64.46 mm2 (4.97 x 2.53 in)
Certifications/approvalsCE, TÜV/NRTL, FCC
Compliance (no certification required): ROHS, CFRH/FDA
EtherNetIP DOC, ProfiNet/PNO certificate, CE, TÜV/NRTL, FCC Compliance (no certification required): ROHS, CFRH/FDA

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